We have so many tools available to us when we get present for even a few minutes that can make our life feel much more in flow. When in flow we feel happy, joyful and that energy attracts more and more wonderful people and situations to our lives.
As the holidays approach, stress seems to accelerate. Here are twelve ways to stay calm any time of year.
Meditation has brought me serenity. It has given me a sense of connection with others and it has opened my mind to an understanding
People don't take breaks partly because of guilt, partly because they are afraid it will cause them to fall behind, but mainly it's because we've been conditioned to keep our nose to the grindstone.
Want to raise a physically and emotionally healthy child? It doesn't happen by magic. It takes planning, your self-awareness, spousal communication and a host of other actions.
Enjoy your family and seize every opportunity to create positive moments and eliminate as much negativity as possible.
Think it's too short to waste on repetitive thoughts and actions? Tired of the treadmill? If you're driven to distraction with the same old stuff, want to be a doer not a viewer, earn rather than only yearn excitement... here's your chance!
But in the process of change and of letting go of what you're used to and what's felt comfortable to you, you'll first experience mental and emotional resistance. This is a positive signal that you're going through withdrawal, and it's time to add replacement behaviors and thoughts to your life.
As Baby Boomers, we get caught up in the daily strife of managing our own lives and often those of our children, grandchildren or parents. It often becomes all too easy to dwell on all the stress and not the joys and rewards that come our way.