Government officials say the reef is zoned for cruise ship anchors even though it's illegal to damage coral in the Cayman Islands.
These images show the dire threat to the world's reefs, which hold some 25 percent of marine life.
You may never see them, but coral reefs are suffering along with the rest of our planet.
If we are serious about saving coral reefs and the many benefits they provide to wildlife and people, we must resist the temptation to engineer small platforms of land aimed solely at flexing geopolitical muscle. Instead, we must prioritize conservation and management actions that allow corals to thrive.
The little guys make their homes in certain types of sea anemones and work in a symbiotic relationship, living among the
"And we all know what the greatest contribution to climate change is: that's mining coal for export." MELBOURNE, Aug 12 (Reuters
Super corals are corals that have proven particularly resistant to acidic conditions and warmer water temperatures. They
From Mother Nature Network's Melissa Breyer: Of all the strange ways to get buried in this world, the western tradition of
See more ScienceShots. Back in 1998, Scott Reef was a ghost town. Rising ocean temperatures caused by El Niño had triggered