A “yes” vote on both referendums would arguably make the nation of 5 million one of the more liberal countries in the world.
The proposed measures would strip power from the governor, but the amendment descriptions don't mention that.
Irish women will no longer have to travel to the United Kingdom to end their pregnancies.
Just try to read these #HomeToVote tweets without crying.
Small, autonomous states are shaping their own futures without interference from capitals.
Within established constitutional democracies, referendums undermine the democratic process. For decisions that are so contentious
The PM has promised to resign if he loses.
Even though the failure of President Juan Manuel Santos's FARC peace deal is a major setback for peace in Colombia, many Western commentators have painted an overly pessimistic picture of Colombia's political future.
Over the past months the Fidesz government spent millions to make sure that Hungarians were terrified of "migrants" - Orbán