The measure is intended to curb the use of funds originally designated for reforestation and fire prevention programs.
Elliot Kale Edmiston and Lauren Mitchell, The Trans Buddy Program, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Transgender people seeking
Tar sands development has already destroyed many square miles of the Canadian boreal forest and an increase in fire and insect infestations related to climate change have also had a negative impact. Now what?
• AIRES technicians are themselves indigenous Guatemalans, educated in agro-forestry and/or environmental engineering, so
California is often at the forefront of implementing strong environmental regulations, many times going beyond what the federal Environmental Protection Agency requires. We hope other state and country leaders will follow California's example as the world comes together to build off of the momentum of the Paris agreement.
For the first time in history, every country in the world has agreed on the need for a common climate goal. All 196 nations have bought into its overarching purpose - that we must all take action to prevent our planet's temperature from increasing to a point that would result in dangerous climate change.
Inner Peace for Refugees in Uganda. Fraide Emmanuel (Fremma) has worked as a peace activist and humanitarian aid provider
This week we were honored to give seed grants of $1000 each to people around the world who are tackling environmental and social problems in their communities.
The religious community is abuzz with commentary on the Pope's recently released encyclical on climate change and the moral imperative to address its consequences, borne disproportionately on the backs of the global poor.
The opportunities to harness tropical forests as nature's climate change solution are essential and immediately available, but disappearing. We must act now.
Kindness to Animals in South America. Tod Emko and Andrea Gordon want their comic book heroes - a three-legged dog, a cat
What is it like to make a financial investment in an up and coming social change leader, every single day of the year? Since January 1, 2013, the Pollination Project has been giving daily micro grants to emerging projects and inspiring people all over the world.
Walking for Water in California: The State of California is facing one of the worst droughts on record. Kate Bunney will
"From a climate perspective, it's not at all clear that focusing on carbon alone is getting it right," Howarth said. "There
Sadly, while we have been able to continually farm our land, farmers in the equatorial tropics have been faced with a rapid loss of soil fertility forcing them to abandon the land they clear and move onto fresh forest after only one or two years.
I want your kids to get going as ECO-Action Detectives. It really doesn't matter what you do to start saving the world, but it is important to start doing something. Everything we do has an impact on the world. Everything has a cost -- ECOlogically and ECOnomically.
We can have reforestation, and we can feed ourselves at the same time. Edible reforestation.
The unexpected impact of Dr. Wangari Maathai's work was to show that the solutions to our many societal and planetary ills often rests with those who bear the greatest burden.
COTAP connects projects to individuals who want to offset their carbon footprint, but have a strong preference that their donations support poor farming communities in developing countries that already experience the brunt of climate change.