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“Screaming Hot Cheetos and Takis / Boy, you better eat your broccoli.”
Whether you want to stand up to your annoying sister-in-law or just raise your hand more in meetings, here are five strategies to practice to close the confidence gap:
Conclusion: In truth, blind faith has the power to both save and kill. At times, a belief morphs to perceptible reality, as
There are a variety of ways to look at any one situation. Find the view the looks the best, put on the rose-colored glasses (don't worry this won't make you delusional, you'll still be able to see the weeds in the neighbor's yard and the pile of work on your desk) and take the perspective that eases stress and amps up good feeling.
Everyone needs to reset their physical and mental vantage point every so often for a fresh outlook. It doesn't have to be a full-blown move or change; it can be a small adjustment. If you don't like the picture, reframe it. If things become too burdensome, take time to stop, clear and reset.