"What do you think this is, 'MTV Cribs?'"
Just how often should you clean your fridge? How frequently should you tackle that shower head? Do you really need to clean
Samsung announced today that they have a refrigerator hooked up to a computer to automatically order groceries. Hmmmm.... I strolled into my kitchen, opened the door and did a quick scan.
Are you freezing foods that you shouldn't?
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Todd Moss, vice president and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, recently bought a new refrigerator. It's
Yes, the lowly home refrigerator -- which got a patent on this day in 1899 -- has become subject to the "luxury" treatment
Periodically you hear an artist or gallerist or curator or critic posit the definition of what exactly is Refrigerator Art
Nearly half of all food in America goes to waste. Setting aside for a minute the "finish your supper, there are starving children in China" implications of this, think of your grocery bill.