refugee aid

OSLO, Norway -- Governments closing their borders to Syrian refugees often claim they help Syrians best "in their own region." But it is a myth that they provide Syrian war victims with significant aid. It may be a surprise to many that the assistance to the Syrian crisis has been so halfhearted and halfway compared to the magnitude of the needs.
AMMAN, Jordan -- Denying refugees protection violates international law and offers what ISIS aims to achieve: borders between people, coexistence denied. The proper response to violence, terror and suffering is not to withdraw, but to extend. Instead of denying human rights and closing borders to refugees, which ISIS would love to see, we should find new ways to protect rights and help the displaced.
If more people choose to help individuals they see on social media, will they contribute less to traditional humanitarian aid organizations?
We cannot keep returning again and again with emergency aid.
Freshman Sen. Rand Paul is blocking a bill that Senate leaders tried to pass by a voice vote Monday, delaying $36 million