refugee women

Yarn queen Olek enlisted the help of refugee women to remind the world that having a home matters.
Mazí Mas, a pop-up restaurant currently located at the Ovalhouse Theatre in London and founded by 28-year-old Nikandre Kopcke
None of these women are fragile. Given what they've been through, that is what is remarkable about them and that is why they are in the artwork.
Mpouma, a resident of suburban Laurel, Md., held a full-time job at the time, but had created her own board game to teach
Under the Women's Refugee Commission's Protecting and Empowering Adolescent Girls project, we will be working with girls
This summer I traveled to the Dadaab region in Kenya, where three refugee camps -- among the largest in the world -- host nearly 300,000 refugees.
Millions of refugee women and girls in developing countries continue to toil at a task that is not only arduous but extremely dangerous: collecting firewood to cook meals for their families.