refugees and migrants

During the year of grace 2013, I worked as a Swedish for immigrants language teacher in the outskirts of my hometown Stockholm. Sweden is statistically multicultural, with roughly one-fifth of the population being born abroad or with both parents being born abroad.
More often than not, young migrants who do not fall under the refugee or internally displaced persons (IDP) status are faced
The tunnel is a symbol for self-empowerment. Individuals must feel that they have the right and the ability to dream and
How many of today's refugees and migrants are victims of human trafficking? The UN Migration Summit, which begins today in New York, must also be a Summit for Trafficked Migrants.
Often we hear about another's tragedy, and it makes us feel better about our own situation. The recognition that we are all connected -- whether Tibetan Buddhists or Hui Muslims -- is the birth of empathy and compassion.
The desperate ordeal often faced by refugees and migrants in large movements, together with the recognition that these movements have political, economic, social, developmental, humanitarian and human rights ramifications that cross all borders, call for global approaches and global solutions.
This is the idea that lies at the heart of our Economic Resilience Initiative. Focused on the Western Balkans and Europe's
I urge the Security Council to avoid the path of least resistance, I urge them to push for transformation. Don't choose politics, choose the right person for the job.
They are part of the largest wave of forcibly displaced people in history - some 65.3 million people are currently displaced
Migration is history's oldest and most effective anti-poverty measure, a natural human response to challenges and a facilitator of greater opportunities.
I am watching with hope and anticipation that the meeting today will be the beginning of making positive differences in the lives of refugees and migrants all over the world, as well as for the countries hosting them.
Today's UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants could not be more urgently needed.
For justice to prevail, and to apply to every child, woman and man, we must work ceaselessly together, share responsibility and acknowledge that we cannot stand on the side lines while humans suffer.
This week, world leaders have an historic opportunity to address this issue and come together in a spirit of shared responsibility for the world's refugees and migrants.
Labor mobility expansion for refugees comes with significant challenges. Refugees may no longer possess proper documentation
Only a concerted international approach guided by the principles of solidarity, human rights and respect can deliver a durable solution Failure to rise to the challenge will only exacerbate the plethora of refugee crises the world faces today which in turn will further worsen global stability.
It was one year ago that Germany began to feel the full impact of the refugee crisis, with the first trains of refugees arriving at the Munich train station. It was clear from the outset that Germany had to assume responsibility in the crisis, and so we did.
The political declaration adopted at the Summit will strengthen the commitment by governments to ensuring the human rights