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Things just won't light up just because, it will take work and Big Mountain is going to do it. Tell us a little bit about
Singer Shaggy has a possible solution for stopping the Islamic State: reggae music and weed.  In an interview with Miami
Outside of island music, I'm very influenced by Luthor Vandross, Stevie Wonder. Those kine music yea. I play lovers rock
Though it may strike you as something less than shocking coming from an analog, Fosse-loving gay guy like me, but I've never cared much for reggae music. Doesn't everyone like reggae? That said, I do actually like a reggae beat.
As you all know or may not know, I'm a fan of reggae. I'm especially a fan of reggae from the islands of Hawaii. With the Huffington Post platform, I plan to keep bringing the story of reggae music from the islands and from the musicians themselves.
Selena Gomez, "Slow Down" Lorde, "Royals" Rihanna, "Take A Bow" Reggae music is timeless. The rhythmic tempo, the mellow
The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival returns to Mendocino County's scenic and mysterious hamlet Boonville this weekend, starting Friday evening and running through Sunday night.
Is skin bleaching (often promoted in dancehall music) destructive fashion or internal foe? It may be one, both or neither, but regardless of the reason it is a unhealthy practice.
Boothe described Charmers as "one of the best in the best in the business", adding that he was "very businesslike, very sophisticated
The first time, my friends and I were able to walk up to the ticket counter at showtime and buy a $7.50 seat -- he had not even sold out the show, still being something of a cult favorite.
He continues, "I love each and every one and am just begging each and everyone to do the not fight against me for
You've booked a vacation in the Caribbean, and you just can't wait to dance the night away. But unless you're going to Jamaica, you might be shaking your booty to another kind of West Indian music besides reggae.