While he tells the world of our struggles and successes, Puerto Ricans are the ones who can process the nuance of his stories.
The artist and music historian is amplifying voices and calling out the erasure of Black Latino contributions to music through her platform, Reggaeton Con La Gata.
His success has made him one of the biggest idols in Latin music and a winner of six Latin Grammy Awards.
The 13-episode show will star the reggaeton artist himself.
There's a reason the Boricua is currently the most streamed artist on Spotify. ⛽️🔥
Though I'm hardly a reggeaton convert, I have to give it up to HBO Latino and Yandel for putting together a concert special -- and subsequent pre-screening event -- that showcases how the ever-evolving genre has united people from different socioeconomic backgrounds and generations to build a diverse community of music lovers.