The 13-episode show will star the reggaeton artist himself.
There's a reason the Boricua is currently the most streamed artist on Spotify. ⛽️🔥
Though I'm hardly a reggeaton convert, I have to give it up to HBO Latino and Yandel for putting together a concert special -- and subsequent pre-screening event -- that showcases how the ever-evolving genre has united people from different socioeconomic backgrounds and generations to build a diverse community of music lovers.
"Whether I am onstage or off, I am always real," she shares. "I am always myself, and that is the message I want to give
“It’s an album with a mystic touch,” he said at a recent Grammy event. “It’s a totally powerful disc for all fans who love
Ivy Queen is pregnant! “Not even my mother knows. No one knows!” the star told the magazine, which will elaborate on the
Since Buena Vista Social Club’s 1997 album is the best-selling World Music album of all time, it’s not surprising that tourists
Listen to the song "I'm From Here" above and more on Puerto Rico below. With multiple references to the Caribbean island's
Similar to popular Korean song "Ganganm Style" by PSY, which quickly became a social phenomenon after being posted on Youtube
All music with "aggressive lyrics," or that is "sexually explicit, obscene, or misrepresents the inherent sensuality of Cuban
Read more Blogamole's News and Chisme here. "MERA YANDEL YA ESTAN LLORANDO JAJAJAJAJA," to which he replied, Those are some
Se les agradece el razonamiento. Not one to back down from a challenge, DY took to his Twitter account to address the masses
Did anyone notice the dog in the background? Is the dog alive or was he so mesmerized with the boys dancing that he couldn't
English Version: Today we have for you the magnificent duet of two great stars: Usher joins Romeo Santos, former lead singer
Daddy Yankee finds himself in a very lonely place, and the McCain camp is all out of ways to prove that they are down with the barrio.