Re-gifting is a touchy and sometimes complex topic that can readily turn a delightful gift exchange into an awkward and uncomfortable
Spread around the "jaw-dropping disappointment."
7. Home Goods 4. Lowe's 5. Home Depot Just like Walmart, you'll be able to return any gift item at Target within 90 days
They look at you, these women, as you unwrap what they've given because they know your actual reaction will be evident in your facial expression even as your mouth is forming the words "Oh! How wonderful!"
The gift isn't on its way to the trash. If you were going to throw it away, then don't give it away. C'mon... would you want
Is it proper to re-gift something that you don't want or need? Many years ago etiquette experts discouraged the practice. But times have changed and so have our gift-giving habits.
In this story, it's a real-life competition to defy death. Because the punishment of knocking off first will mark the culmination of a nearly four-decade-long practical joke -- quite possibly the longest ongoing joke in the history of prank-manship.
Before you pass along someone else's "treasure," let's review a few re-gift giving rules.
Here's a riddle: Is it a regift if it's done in such a way that the recipient has no idea it was a regift? That's what the