The idea of creating a national registry of all Muslims living in the United States is egregiously wrong and almost certainly unconstitutional. It is actually such an abysmal idea that it seems farcical - except that it's not funny at all.
Online gift registries are making it easy and convenient for expectant parents to get everything on their wish lists.
You're standing in the store, scan gun ready to go and then it hits you: you actually have no idea what you really need to
Wedding registries are designed for couples to get all the household items they could possibly need to start a new home, but what if a couple prefers cold hard cash over another pair of mixing bowls. We break down the etiquette of wedding registries.
Imagine that your camping quarters featured a king bed with luxury linens, heated wood floors, deep soaking tub and expansive mountain views. Sounds a lot more like honeymoon heaven, right?
By Lauren Kay for Registering for china, gadgets and 500-thread-count sheets is one of the best perks of your
Even if you're mentally prepared to sift through china patterns, registering for everything you'll need for the rest of your life -- the fun stuff and the essentials -- can be overwhelming. With all of that pressure, you're bound to forget a towel or two.
When pretty water pitchers only cost $30, you have to wonder why they're so inexpensive.