If we consider that each divorcing adult may have a set of parents, a sibling or two, a group of good friends, uncles, aunts, grandparents and co-workers, we quickly move from two million adults affected by divorce to thirty million feeling the power of divorce.
Simplifying your decision process in that way can makes sense, especially when the component parts might be difficult to
Many are quick to condemn female clothing restrictions in countries such as Saudi Arabia and rightfully so for dictating
I don't like hearing about the important developments in the lives of good friends or relatives first on Facebook. And I
The new horror movie, co-starring Ethan Hawke, opens this weekend.
Teachers warn parents to keep up some reading, math, and science during the summer, so kids are fresh to learn in September. August is the month to be thinking about that. But how do you do this without kids feeling their summer's being interrupted by boring school stuff?
For instance, if you bring home a significant other and would like to sleep in the same bed together, but your parents won't
Divorce is a loss -- a death of sorts. Under the stress of loss and uncertainty, most people regress and become more irritable, needy or impulsive.
Regression can only be stopped by positive change and moving forward. You create positive change by avoiding suppressing your own self.
It is only when we begin to explore the realm of statistics that "average" becomes both very interesting and very powerful.
Looking at the winners and losers of the first Super Bowls, it appears the both winners and losers make the playoffs in the following season at a similar rate.