“Today’s big tech companies have too much power  ―  too much power over our economy, our society, and our democracy,” the senator said in a statement.
Donald Trump's latest executive order targets government regulations.
Regular voters certainly were not asking for this. They didn't ask the new administration or Congress to declare open season
Donald Trump's latest executive order targets government regulations.
Rules help ensure work is completed correctly and diligently while providing guidelines for equitable treatment of employees
Lots of people complain about regulations. Some people want to reduce their number. For good reason! Have a look at this
The premise of the document is that energy reform starts with regulatory reform. The plan includes repealing the Clean Power Plan, streamlining permitting and generally reducing the regulatory burden on the energy sector.
At its core, a carbon tax is a tax on the carbon content of fossil fuels. It would raise revenue and result in reductions
In the wake of the financial crisis, governments across advanced economies are attempting to better regulate these funds to prevent them from contributing to any broader market turmoil or needing government assistance in the future.
No matter how you plan to participate, you owe it to yourself and the future of your small business to take a look at the
Some Current Tech vs. Policy Cases: Fusion in 2015 put forth a most unique and interesting proposition...rather than shoehorn
While some inequality is the result of entrepreneurial skill, innovation and productivity, much is the result of government interventions redistributing wealth up the pyramid.
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The new rules will provide at least some oversight of the scandal-plagued daily fantasy sports industry.