Corporations like Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, Kroger, Walmart and L.L. Bean are tightening restrictions on firearm sales in the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
"It is the job of companies that manufacture and sell guns and ammunition to work towards common sense solutions," REI said.
The retailers are taking a stand against President Trump's decision to drastically shrink two national monuments.
The outdoor gear store wants its employees and customers to go outside.
That's not an easy conversation for many business people to embrace, but I have no doubt that organizations and society will
These boots combine felt, wool, premium leather, and flawless construction to protect you from every possible element. The
The company is closing its retail stores for the day.
Retailers including REI, H&M and Barnes & Noble are rethinking Thanksgiving weekend and giving employees a chance to spend the holiday with family and loved ones.
It's the week of Thanksgiving, which means that Black Friday is also looming around the corner. By now there's a good chance you've heard that national retailer REI plans to close all 140+ of its stores on the biggest shopping day of the year, paying its employees to take the day off and enjoy the great outdoors.
The greatest gift we can give is the gift of time. What better way to grow closer to a child, spouse, friend or potential friend, than to leave behind the jarring pressures and electronic static of everyday life, and simply go for a walk in the woods together?
"I had my hours cut from 30 hours a week to less than 10 because I did not sell enough memberships."
On Black Friday, many other sports retailers will be open. They will advertise their specials, and REI will lose some sales. But I think REI is onto something. The company is saying, "We can win the hearts and minds of our employees with a policy of generosity and consideration."
While REI's effort is bold, it is not the first time that a retailer has taken an anti-consumerist stance on Black Friday. In 2011, Patagonia famously published a full-page press advertisement with the provocative headline: "Don't Buy This Jacket."
Jerry Stritzke tells HuffPost Live the choice is "central to the brand."
Is REI's heart in the right place or is this a conspiracy? We may never know and it really doesn't matter. It cuts both ways and that's why it's so smart. But it will be interesting to watch.