Reid Hoffman

“Win The Future” is drawing criticism as a tone-deaf attempt to reshape the Democratic Party.
Reid Hoffman turns the tables on the Republican presidential nominee.
So the winner of this buyout, without a doubt, is beBee. And that means Microsoft is going to work harder to collect more
The Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Center recently brought a diverse group of neuroscientists and philosophers together with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and programmers to answer this question: As developments in artificial intelligence extend or surpass human intelligence, do they challenge the traditional definition of what it means to be human? Here's what five of them had to say.
"Entrepreneurship is primarily a mindset. It's a way of thinking about your own ability to shape your world. When I was younger, I believed that I needed permission: from my boss, from society. In truth, entrepreneurial attitude is having the ability to choose your own path."
This year a teen delegation from the United Kingdom won a trip to Silicon Valley, courtesy of Silicon Valley Comes To UK
BEIJING -- China's future development is about economic transformation. Through green growth and the application of Internet technologies, China can spur new opportunities and foster global sustainable development.
Relatedly, when a company policy supports employees and their bosses to collaborate on a zig zag career path (rather than
The conditions that favor entrepreneurship need to be fostered -- for example, this correlates to appropriate immigration policy. We need policies and programs that enable people to take their own adaptation in hand.
Hoffman, a well-known entrepreneur and author, said that in order for companies to excel, employees and businesses should