″The commodification of black pain for the enjoyment of others must stop,” activist April Reign said.
When a kid, or a nation, or a community of nations, is terrorized by a bully who acts with unconcealed confidence that no one will challenge him or intervene on behalf of his victims, it is up to each kid, each nation, each community of nations, to stop being afraid and act quickly, powerfully, and decisively.
Mary Queen of Scots is about to face the most important decision of her life in the March 6 episode of "Reign." On her wedding
Reign is shamelessly soapy, while still managing to keep its momentum going with actual plot. Anyone who bemoans the historical inaccuracies should remember that they're watching The CW.
HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri hosted Poniewozik and artist Sophia Wallace for a discussion on artistic depictions of masturbation
The CW's new period drama "Reign" cut a female masturbation scene from the pilot episode, but left in scenes of extreme violence and public sex. Why are audiences more troubled by depictions of masturbation than scandalous sex scenes?
I like Reign, but there was little originality to it and it was all a bit clichéd and predictable.
The whole point of "bonkersawesome" shows like "Sleepy Hollow" and "Scandal" is to overwhelm the logic centers of your brain with momentum, emotion or some other kind of intensity.
It might have been the most risqué scene in The CW’s history had it aired uncut. The pilot for 16th century-based castle
If you were to watch all 56 of them -- just their pilots -- do you know how many hours of your life you'd lose? No? Do you want to know?
183 years ago, on June 26th, 1830 -- at the age of 64 years, 10 months, and 5 days -- William IV became king upon the death of his older brother, George IV. (William IV is probably best known for being the uncle and predecessor of Queen Victoria.)
The CW has unveiled posters for their new Fall 2013 shows "The Tomorrow People," "The Originals" and "Reign," featuring a
"I, for one, am thankful for a certain amount of creative license, because historically I don't exist," Torrance Coombs, who
Check out all the dates below (* indicates series premiere): Friday, October 25 "The Carrie Diaries," 8-9 p.m. ET "America's
Which new series are you looking forward to most? The pick-ups join previously ordered "TVD" spinoff "The Originals," also
Ang Lee comes to TV. The Oscar-winning director will helm his first pilot for FX, titled "Tyrant." It's described as “the