reinhart and rogoff

The Harvard economists, who spent most of last year defending themselves after a grad student discovered huge errors in their
Paul Krugman teased Rogoff and Reinhart about this on Tuesday with a chart he found on the Bank of England's website. It's
He also ignores that further research has debunked Reinhart and Rogoff utterly, revealing that their biggest mistake was
In a post at Quartz, University of Michigan economics professor Miles Kimball and University of Michigan undergraduate student Yichuan Wang write that they have crunched Reinhart and Rogoff's data and found "not even a shred of evidence" that high debt levels lead to slower economic growth.
The Harvard economists have argued that mistakes and omissions in their influential research on debt and economic growth
The Nobel Prize-winning economist called the authors "disingenuous" and the paper not "worthy of its authors." The Harvard
The attention span in Washington, D.C. these days is remarkably short, and multi-tasking is something at which Congress seems particularly inept. So right now the focus there is overwhelming on just one thing: scandals, while the real business of the American people goes largely unexamined.
In fact, In his 1919 book "The Economic Consequences Of The Peace," Keynes proposed writing off Germany's debt after World
That is something Glenn Hubbard, Columbia economist and a former adviser to President George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, might
They claim that their views on austerity have never changed, but the record tells a different story. They're still trying