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In the latest episode of the economic theory that refuses to die, the Bank for International Settlements, which is basically
In a post at Quartz, University of Michigan economics professor Miles Kimball and University of Michigan undergraduate student Yichuan Wang write that they have crunched Reinhart and Rogoff's data and found "not even a shred of evidence" that high debt levels lead to slower economic growth.
The Harvard economists have argued that mistakes and omissions in their influential research on debt and economic growth
2011-11-29-20111107bothsidesnow.jpgWhile both sides can lapse into "content bias," should the following facts alter pre-conceived views: the Boston bombers were young Muslim men; some sarin gas was detected in Syria; the Reinhart-Rogoff study is flawed? Erick Erickson and Ron Reagan debate.
Others believe that even after re-analysis the data support the view that deficit and debt burden reduction is important
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Mankiw's view echoes that of Erskine Bowles, who has been telling everybody who will listen that, despite the flaws of Reinhart
In Europe, where austerity proved itself a miserable failure years before the Reinhart-Rogoff debunking, there has been a
A recent "Spreadsheet Scandal" has rocked the economics world. It also seems to have eliminated the last remaining technical argument in support of the president's "chained CPI" Social Security cut. Not weakened it. Eliminated it.
The most glaring error: In an Excel data set of countries' annual GDP growth and their public debt, Rogoff and Reinhart apparently