“In my mind, I was still in control,” Osbourne told Dax Shepard on his podcast.
The actor broke 16 years of sobriety, but his wife told Ellen DeGeneres that Shepard also has a positive addiction.
"Separated from my traditional social support structures, I feel alone, isolated, and anxious ... And I can’t stop thinking about my leftover bottle of Jack Daniels."
"The Way Back" director Gavin O'Connor said Garner lobbied for her ex-husband while he was "detoxing" in rehab.
Trump's substance misuse remarks from the debate are a disgusting example of how addiction is often viewed as a moral failure.
I was heartbroken when I heard of Demi Lovato’s relapse. But I also wanted to tell her the lesson it took me five relapses to learn.
Each of us have our own reasons for overeating, whether it is only a few extra calories, or several thousand. Not knowing why, or just as likely unable to change the "Why?" will make maintaining weight loss very difficult.
At every point of our journey through life we are subject to the reality that is brought about by our particular consciousness
Twenty-four-year-old Andee has been using drugs since she was 14 and has been in and out of rehab numerous times, but she
Herzog admits to Dr. Phil, “I have relapsed many times, and I am not OK. I have a problem, a drinking problem. A big time