"Separated from my traditional social support structures, I feel alone, isolated, and anxious ... And I can’t stop thinking about my leftover bottle of Jack Daniels."
"The Way Back" director Gavin O'Connor said Garner lobbied for her ex-husband while he was "detoxing" in rehab.
Demi Lovato is just one example of how the condition is a chronic health issue.
I was heartbroken when I heard of Demi Lovato’s relapse. But I also wanted to tell her the lesson it took me five relapses to learn.
Each of us have our own reasons for overeating, whether it is only a few extra calories, or several thousand. Not knowing why, or just as likely unable to change the "Why?" will make maintaining weight loss very difficult.
Twenty-four-year-old Andee has been using drugs since she was 14 and has been in and out of rehab numerous times, but she
For Pam Lynch, Co-Director of the WhoSoEver Collaborative in Michigan a nonprofit that works to reform the way society treats
For the people out there who do not understand addiction from a clinical standpoint and for those who have never been addicted to anything and who do not suffer either mildly or severely from a mental disorder, please take a step back and reflect. Relapse cannot be broken down so simply as a choice.