relieving stress

You deserve to relax.
I am a little stressed out this Thanksgiving. There's the usual annoyances -- fighting for a parking space at Trader Joes, forgetting the ingredient that I really needed, getting in the line with the brand new cashier at Whole Foods.
In a survey of more than 2000 U.S. adults, it's the millennials who say they are the most stressed. What's weighing on Generation Y? Joining the conversation are Associate Editor of HuffPost Teen Carolyn Gregoire and Alaina Mabaso.
Here is a six-step, six-second relaxation technique that can temporarily bring your stress level down; if you use the technique throughout the day, it can help lower your baseline stress level.
It is in times of great stress when we are in survival mode, when it is most important to stop and be present in our lives and carve out some quality, self-nourishing time for silence and stillness.
Once "left-brain" education begins, few of us ever get taught how to use our imaginations skillfully to foster the stress-relieving skills of creativity, problem-solving and emotional intelligence.