President Donald Trump, once again accused Jewish people who vote for Democrats as being “disloyal”.
Ginsburg, who is Jewish and whose late husband was an Army veteran, disagreed that a 40-foot World War I memorial cross could be considered a secular symbol.
The challengers argued the huge Christian cross in Maryland defies the First Amendment's ban on establishing religion.
The male United Methodist Church pastors said they felt "furious" and "ashamed" after reading about the misogyny female pastors deal with.
District court nominee Michael Bogren once defended a client against Catholics, so he is a religious bigot, says GOP Sen. Josh Hawley. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bills restricting abortion access in Alabama, Georgia and other states are "barbaric" and "inhumane," progressive faith leaders say.
Under the administration's "conscience protections," health care workers can object to performing procedures on patients for moral or religious reasons.
In this religious festival, torch-wielding devotees hurl burning leaves at each other to satisfy a goddess.
A group of anonymous parents filed the lawsuit on Monday against local health officials over their new mandatory measles vaccination order.
“All of us in this country have the right to our religious beliefs. I’m a Bible-believing Christian.”
Progressive clergy are speaking out against a slate of anti-LGBTQ measures pending in the state legislature.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington seeks to determine if access was blocked based on religion.
Vandals reportedly broke into crypts at Dublin’s St. Michan’s Church over the weekend and wreaked havoc on centuries-old preserved bodies.
A new Pew Research Center study investigates the connection between religion and well-being.
Francis will make the first-ever papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula this weekend.
President Trump is now championing laws to introduce Bible study in public schools.
Donnie Romero, a conservative independent Baptist preacher from Texas, once praised Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen and asked God to "finish the job."
Only one member of Congress identifies as "religiously unaffiliated.” The overwhelming majority say they're Christian.
President Donald Trump goes to extreme lengths to preach his religious credentials.