religion at work

“As you might expect, the company preacher preached the line that encouraged employees not to join unions,” said Jarod Roll
The American workplace, like the rest of U.S. society, is becoming more religiously diverse and that is raising concerns about employer accommodations for believers — and increasing the odds for uncomfortable moments around the water cooler.
Conversely, the research found that nonbelievers are reticent to discuss religion and 43 percent of them say they feel somewhat
Today, more people are finding inspiration and fulfillment in their jobs by bringing their spirituality into the workplace. What does the meditative tradition of Buddhism offer in this quest to find spiritual fulfillment at work?
I don't want people to feel like they can't talk about their faith in the office, but even more than that I don't want other people to feel preached to.
Instead of viewing work as only a means to gain wealth, prestige and power, we all need to see that work presents the most powerful environment for spiritual development and contribution.