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The Pew Research Center took a look at what people without a religious affiliation think is essential to morality.
“It’s not that they start unaffiliated and become religious,” Alan Cooperman, the director of religion research at the Pew
“The question is: ‘How will we understand each other?’” said Cooperman. “Sub-Saharan Africa is 12 percent of the world population
There’s Deborah Feldman, a bestselling author and filmmaker, who left her Hasidic Satmar community in New York to build a
* Choral laments. Since 1998, there has been a 23 percentage point drop among white conservative evangelicals who heard a
Consulting Scripture for personal prayer is three times more common than turning to the Bible to learn about hot-button issues
About 77 percent of Americans said religion is "losing its influence" on American life, while only 20 percent said religion
In addition to finding that many Americans don't associate with a specific faith, Pew discovered that many aren't in the
Here are some other findings by Chaves, who looked at trends in religious diversity, belief, involvement, congregational
The study, released Sunday by the American Sociological Association, draws on decades of data from the General Social Survey