As a result, people's responses range from fear of bullying, to a dread of a Nazi Germany-style dictatorship, to concerns
As I struggle to come to terms with the possibility of my next temporal ruler being none other than Donald J. Trump I question whether I should remain in these here parts. How did "My Lot in Life" come to this? Bad Karma or the Will of God?
We asked conservative voters at the Values Voter Summit in DC if they think Trump is Christian enough for them to vote for him in November.
Instead of embracing the moment as one that was inclusive of all beliefs, Angulo had to reject the idea that omitting "Under
Many singles are conflicted about marrying. They yearn for the fulfillment a good marriage brings but are afraid to commit. They fear it won't work out, which given the current high rate of marriage failures, is understandable.
My mother went into labor on Christmas morning 1944. She gave birth to me a few hours later. I was her third and last child
A growing number of Christians are realizing that queer love is real love, and that to deny the power of love is to deny something fundamental to our faith. When reality and theology clash, reality will always win out.
To say that religion is divisive is to attempt no analysis of the problems at hand. It is to stop at the surface making no effort to dig deeper for the underlying problems seething underneath.
An Orthodox Jewish friend asked me, with some real perplexity in her voice, why I wasn't Orthodox. "You love Torah study. You davven [pray] regularly. What keeps you from being Orthodox? I don't understand it."
He's gonna want a pic with those bootleg Elmos.