religious accommodation

When Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, called a military judge's order "outrageous" earlier this week, they probably didn't intend to throw a wrench into the pending 9/11 military commission case.
The new Supreme Court term starts today, and sometime this fall the court will consider whether to hear challenges to the Affordable Care Act's requirement that health insurance provide coverage for contraception without a co-pay. Wait -- didn't that already happen, you ask?
When Gurdit Singh was offered a job in 2008 as a mail carrier at Walt Disney World, he was thrilled. On his first day, however, it quickly became apparent that his new job might not be the path to happily ever after he had imagined.
“The so-called ‘accommodation’ is a phony fix and changes nothing,” said Dr. Charmaine Yoest, president and CEO of AUL. “People
The administration said Friday that it is currently soliciting comments on how to develop an accommodation for closely-held
In order to opt out of paying for birth control, Wheaton College has to fill out a form claiming a religious exemption and
In his opinion concurring with the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby birth control case Monday, Justice Anthony Kennedy may have tipped his hand on a related group of lawsuits brought by nuns and religious nonprofits against the contraception mandate.
The Supreme Court decided on Monday that closely held for-profit corporations such as Hobby Lobby, a craft supply store owned
Take a look at these three ways to embrace ethnic and religious diversity at work during the holidays.