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Jewish videos, prayers and games in a snap.
People may not use a cross or a picture of Mecca, but they'll use a beautiful sunset or an inspirational quote to catch others
"We really believe that this generation could become the most Bible-engaged generation in history," Gruenewald said. See
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After collecting more than 212 complaints, with sometimes disappointing resolutions, the coalition updated the app to forward
“I’m actually exploring a service where I would encourage people to Twitter me,” said the Rev. Dennis Shaw, pastor at Sandy’s
In line with its mission statement of getting people involved with their faith through scripture, the app offers reading
What happens when you can't physically make it to the pew to hear the uplifting sermon or get to the meditation hall for a comforting prayer? At these times, rather than going to church, ashram, temple or mosque, a growing number of individuals are going digital.
What is needed next is more personalized communication apps to connect individuals with their own local communities of faith and the day-to-day activities of those communities.
An array of religious iPhone applications has been developed to answer the prayers of devout gadget fans. Read more on Telegraph