religious conflict

I was recently interviewed by religious studies PhD student Andrew Henry for his unique vlog, "Religion for Breakfast." We talked about applying social simulation to the study of religion.
May 2016 continue to inspire dialogue and solidarity.
There is no American war on Christianity and masquerading the fight for religious imposition as a fight to protect Christians from this fabricated war is offensive to those truly suffering prejudice and persecution.
Austin Dacey joins Caroline to discuss Pakistan's "blasphemy laws" and the world's increasing hostility.
When Jews and Muslims in countries around the world embrace our commonalities, and resolve to come together, it accrues to the benefit of both faith communities.
For the full findings, check out the report itself here The findings show that 67% of Muslims living in Lebanon consider
Democracy, freedom, human rights, all take time. Look at America. We need to be patient with this budding democratic movement called the Arab Spring.
Let's say that either we Christians or we Americans could get to the bottom of who "they" are and are able to figure out the true enemy or enemies, who exactly do "they" think they are fighting?
Teaching about religions is not advocating for them any more than teaching about war advocates for war. And as for the objection that it would violate the separation between church and state, that's not true.