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Yeshivas are garnering media attention because some of their graduates are blasting them for focusing primarily on Jewish studies and not teaching basic math and literacy skills.
1945 was a watershed year. Knowledge of the Holocaust jolted children's Bible authors and editors into a conscious awareness of the dangers of this damning narrative, and the longstanding tradition of using anti-Judaism in children's Bible tellings of the Easter story came to an end.
After listening to a recent episode of the podcast Homebrewed Christianity about the ten not-so-shocking things you learn in Religion 101, I thought I would share what Journalist and Adjunct Professor Greg Horton and Trip Fuller spoke about and add in a few of my own.
The spectrum of Christian thought in Christian history is wider than what is preached from church pulpits in modern, Western, mainstream Christianity. The problem with this gatekeeper mentality by the church is that it prevents a fuller education of the audience.
"It is true that madrassas are not the sole source of militancy and religious extremism in the country, but they certainly
Mothers and fathers who practice what they preach and preach what they practice are far and away the major influence related to adolescents keeping the faith into their 20s, according to new findings from a landmark study of youth and religion.
"Giving," as in "Charitable Giving," is "up" for three causes: "Arts and Humanities" (6.3%), "Education" (7.4%), and "Animals
In the Auburn study, nearly two-thirds of graduates said they would have borrowed less if they had to do it over again. For
Prayers at the beginning and end of the day as well as Catholic or Protestant icons are common in Irish schools, said Irwin
While recent events and crises demand our mourning and reflection on the implications of violence and bloodshed, a recent development in Malaysia also demands our reflection on the implications of ignorance and fear in our world.