religious expression

Often, atheists in India turn to social networks like Facebook because it’s one of the few “safe” places for discussion.
Just when you thought high school football couldn't get more controversial.
Satanists are seeking to erect a statue of their own alongside a Ten Commandments monument outside the Oklahoma capitol building. How, exactly, will this play out?
In it's desperate clawing for political power, Quebec's separatist party -- the Parti Quebecois -- has turned to toying with its citizens' fundamental rights and freedoms with the hope that it will polarize the electorate ... in the party's favour.
Consider, for example, Selena Gomez's use of the bindi, which seemed to a few to be a significant Hindu symbol.
Does Christianity demand that its adherents wear a cross? The courts here have decided that it doesn't, but I'm not sure
Sex invoked in myth and ritual is symbolic of the primary life force. Sex as energy. Sex as creation. Sex as abundance. Sex as unification. Sex as divine spirit. Sex as celebration. Sex as sympathetic magic.
According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, job discrimination complaints by Muslim women have more than
When 13-year-old Raymond Hosier came back to school with the rosary on again, he was suspended indefinitely. This school district is not only violating Raymond's constitutional rights but also impeding his education.