religious freedom restoration act

Memories Pizza briefly shut its doors three years ago when its owners' anti-LGBTQ stand went viral.
"Mary Doe" argues that the law is based on a religious ideology contrary to her own.
It's the second time Reps. Joe Kennedy and Bobby Scott have tried to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act with their "Do No Harm" bill.
The president's action is aimed at letting churches get more involved in politics. It could backfire.
Americans were rattled recently when a draft memo by the Trump Administration was leaked that outlined a potential executive
It also blocks anti-discrimination protections for people seeking abortions.
And the state's GOP gubernatorial candidate struggles to defend it.
Yes, I mean the toilet paper ticket. From now going forward I will refer to the Trump/Pence ticket simply as the TP ticket. Something that Americans should flush down the toilet.
One month after a deadly attack against the LGBT community in Orlando, Republican Leadership in the House of Representatives will mark this week's anniversary in an ugly way.
I hope the LGBT community hears the dog whistle that is being blown concerning our rights and freedoms with respect to Trump's VP choices.
The arc of justice for LGTBQIA+ persons is intersectional with other realms that we as Greens care about.