religious pluralism

Perhaps there’s something Turkey and the West can learn from this tragedy: "the opposite of life is not death but indifference."
1. An Independent Narrative: Ideas and ideals conveyed on the channels are not defined in opposition to an extremist ideology
So in this tumultuous 21st Century landscape I look the the final frontier and learn about how to live united in a diverse
Pluralism has become the central uniting factor in much of our society, yet I wonder if many people have considered its implications. If pluralism truly means ALL views are welcome to the table, is that the best means of securing freedom and tolerance? And if not "all", what authority do we appeal to for the boundary?
The pattern of many GOP politicians muting the identity of the victims is in sharp contrast to their dogged attacks on anyone, particularly President Obama, for not mentioning the "Islamic" identity of the perpetrator.
Do not run, dismiss, or hide. That simply insults and invalidates all the pain and mistreatment anyone who fails the test
As the daughter of South Asian parents, my future niece will likely face discrimination even before she's able to speak or
One of the most important lessons I took from this experience was that religion does have so many positive things about it.
What's more, enforcement by the living of this rule is ultimately egalitarian. Since every person carries the genetic potential
The scriptural readings prescribed this week are largely about special separateness. Specifically, the prescribed portion from the Torah and the accompanying selection from the prophet Ezekiel are very much about the Priests and Levites, the clan within the ancient people of Israel set apart for holy service in the sanctuary of God.
In the past, it has taken the shock of unimaginable violence against religious minorities to snap people out of their collective slumber. We must say, loudly and unequivocally, we will not tolerate outbreaks of violence in our country.
I therefore suggest a different strategy for non-orthodox Jews in the United States: simply declare the Orthodox establishment
The Reformation is one of the great and dramatic instances of human difference: "Christians" in the sixteenth did not agree on what the word meant, what it entailed for a person trying to live it, and they killed one another over the content of the word.
What is, at first glance, most surprising to me is that Trump is winning among religious voters. Can anyone imagine Jesus Christ saying the things that Donald says or using the tone that Donald uses or grimacing with Donald's snide face?
The visit of the Christians of Narjan to the city of Medina in 631 CE is perhaps the most important noted interfaith interaction between Christians and Prophet Muhammad.
All too often, our problem is that we don't see just how gracious God truly is, and properly regulated authority is meant to guide us toward that.
As we celebrate Black History Month and remember the ongoing struggle for civil and human rights, one of the most striking lessons from history is that movements for social change never go smoothly.
This long-awaited trip penciled on the president's itinerary comes during a critical time for members of the Islamic faith. The visit will not be a magic bullet to cure every problem or resolve every grievance. But it will go a long way to restore faith in American ideals.
Some people charge that non-Muslims donning headscarves in solidarity amounts to cultural appropriation and is potentially offensive or somehow a setback to feminism, but I do not give these objections much credence.