religious right

"I'm very optimistic we're going to be back," Trump told members of his new National Faith Advisory Board as he apparently prepares to make another run.
The president "finally said something honest at the National Prayer Breakfast," quipped one person.
Progressive Christians fear that a right-tilting Supreme Court could cause the country to retreat from progress on ensuring equality for all.
As faith leaders coalesce around a seemingly amoral president, they reveal the frailty in their causes.
Or what about this: we know far more about visa-holding Muslim refugees than we do about Trump's tax returns or the extent
To understand these anti-abortion women is to realize that for them abortion is religiously driven.
I could enlarge the list to another ten names, but a short list serves. Trump does not rise to the level of all the biblical
Preach Love of Enemies But Never Do It Advise Forgiveness of Enemies But Never Do It Avoid Bible Passages Like Micha Loving