Rem Koolhaas

Upper Eastside townhouse by Inson Dubois Wood with wall art by Desire Obtain Cherish and rug tapestry by Dubuffet. Photo
Rem Koolaas hosted a 12-hour marathon to discuss the future of Europe amid growin tension in the region. He believes that creative solutions will bring opportunity in the face of the Brexit referendum, the refugee crisis, and trouble in Ukraine.
In today's world of art and architecture, there is one name that unquestionably tops the list of greats, and that would be, who else? -- of course -- the one and only Frank Gehry.
The world's premier architects are clamoring to work in neighborhoods across our community, new buildings are winning international awards and in what may be the strongest evidence yet, the Pritzker Prize (architecture's top honor) will be awarded in Miami Beach this week for the 1st time.
The European: Decades ago, your mentor Richard Buckminster Fuller propagated the concept of “ephemeralization” -- the ability
When the Festival's theaters were fully booked, out into the street poured dance, invading Venice's many campi and piazzas.
To my mind the most beautiful thing to see was Carlo Scarpa's elegant vintage garden oasis in the central pavilion which led me to all the other Scarpa sites in Venice -- in particular the Prada Foundation's excellent Art or Sound exhibit, one of the most engaging exhibits anywhere.
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Miami Beach's starchitect-designed convention center is dead. And we have killed it. Well, technically, it was new mayor
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