Isn't what matters most that we all remember? That we remember not just the drama and the tallies of lives lost, but the individual moments and people. And the efforts by those who love them to create lasting temples to their memory.
It was around 7 a.m., and being seriously upset, I did what most girls would do and called my Mom for comfort. After listening to me cry for a few minutes, she interrupted me and told me to turn the TV on, that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center.
As the pervasiveness of Internet connectivity grows internationally, the Earth becomes more of a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else's business. And that gives me hope. Much like the densely populated streets of New York City, people can find a way to live with one another.
One of the Twin Towers was on fire. The headline across the screen read World Trade Center Disaster. Then, CNN reported that it wasn't a fire but a plane that had crashed into the tower. We collectively sucked in the air on our own plane. What was happening?
We need to work together to create a world where we can send our children out with confidence that they will return back to us safe at the end of each day.
My first memory of 9/11/01 is that it was a gorgeous, late summer day in New York. We had been in our new home just a few weeks, and everything still had a new scent to it. The paint was fresh and the walls were clean and waiting to be adorned with pictures and decorations.
I am thoroughly convinced that my generation is rightly positioned to make a significant difference for the better within our world. We are a generation proven, tested, and committed to needed change.
Wednesday marks 12 years since the tragic morning that thousands of lives were lost when the World Trade Center came under
They were everywhere, because the people were nowhere. The city, as any creature would, eventually healed. The pulse thrummed again. The streets rushed again. But the fluttering, The Missing, they stay with me.
Upon turning on the television and witnessing a world suddenly turned upside down I was paralyzed for a good half hour. My
We remember how far we've come to have the ordinary join this date again. And we bear witness largely by living intentional lives, created anew from the rubble.
What could a five-year-old possibly learn from all this sadness? What could she possibly gain from all the heartache? What about this moment in history could actually have a positive impact on her little life?
Culbertson, along with Russian cosmonauts Mikhail Tyurin and Vladimir Dezhurov, was one of three people in space at the time
At dinner tables across America, tonight needs to be a time for parents to share with their children the perspective of where they were 11 years ago, what happened to the nation and with what consequence. We won't forget. But unless we take these measures and more, those who follow us will.
These are stories of men and women who escaped the twin towers under seemingly impossible circumstances: surfing down 15
Jim Budman has created a collaboration that is allowing people from all over the world to honor the memory of 9/11 through creativity and artistic expression.
I believe what has been lost since 9/11 is any real discussion of peace as a component of our foreign policy. You almost never hear anyone talk about peace now.
In 2004, when he was arguably still capable of initiating another devastating attack on the United States, Osama bin Laden
9/11 gave us a larger purpose. It was a brutal reality check that, as Americans, we are not untouchable. We suffered such incredible loss yet at the same moment we learned the true meaning of courage, bravery, and hope.
From now until September 15th the public is invited to visit Sciame Construction in Lower Manhattan to view the Pen & Ink Exhibition of John Coburn's Healing Hearts.