Remembrance Day

The Duchess of Sussex honored the troops on Veterans Day with a sweet post.
The bird is taking flowers left at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Australia’s national war memorial in Canberra and using them to build a colorful nest.
French President Macron warns of "the old demons" rising again, including nationalism -- a clear rebuke of Trump.
It's been six years since we last saw this gorgeous gown on the Duchess of Cambridge.
Holocaust survivors are witness to how discrimination, resentment, and hostility can easily turn into behaviors and deeds.
The statement came after two big missteps in his administration's approach to anti-Semitism.
As a former Navy SEAL and a military veteran with 13 years of active duty service I can tell you first hand, how much it
This Veterans' Day, world peace feels a long way off. The United States is in its 14th year of war. After all these years of bloodshed and trauma, we as a society still haven't grappled with the burden our military, and their families, continue to bear.
Martha Cothren is a social studies teacher at Joe T. Robinson High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. On the first day of school in September of 2005, Ms. Cothren did something to be remembered. With permission from the principal and school superintendent, she removed all the desks in her classroom.
A three-minute video, posted by a Saudi government-backed organization to YouTube on June 4, has garnered 150,000 views in 48 hours and sparked a discussion in the kingdom about how to stem sectarian conflict.