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So many war correspondents are similar to the many men and women in uniform, who work hard, do their jobs, and even perform acts of heroism, that you'll never hear about, and who never go around bragging, seeking recognition. Then, we have Bill O'Reilly.
Dr. Karin Karlekar and Danny O'Brien join Ahmed to discuss the sources of oppression when it comes to international press.
If no story is worth a life, then why is murder the number one cause of journalists' deaths worldwide? In addition to those who have been killed, dozens have been attacked, kidnapped, or forced into exile in connection with their coverage of crime and corruption.
It's about time we deal with international crisis with more than the powerlessness of platitudes.
Junger, who started out as a freelancer in Bosnia and went on to write best-selling books like "The Perfect Storm," said
Catholic college and university presidents walk an extremely fine line in the contemporary environment. We must vigorously uphold free speech and academic freedom even as we also must protect our religious identity.
Colvin, who was on assignment for the Sunday TImes of London, was in Syria with her photographer Paul Conroy. Conroy was
Late on Wednesday, Syrian troops were said to be moving in on the Baba Amr neighborhood in Homs, where 100,000 residents
For as often as we are told that a flak jacket and an ability to shout "PRESS!" at the right moment is becoming insufficient protection in areas of conflict, we are also told that the new generation of journalists will be inexorably tied to social media to get information.
"There were a couple of close hits. Then we took a direct hit somewhere," Convoy says from a makeshift hospital. "I was hit