Photo Credit: Nina Jordan Not only has the song been flipped without losing that magic touch, it holds up as a truly enjoyable
Just as the 1960 election is remembered for being changed by television, the 2016 elections may be remembered as being changed by remix. Candidates have only recently transitioned to general election mode, but video remixes are already playing an out-sized role in swaying public opinion.
The Knocks (photo: Rachel Couch) After a long ramp up and many years of honing their sound and growing their fan base, the
This was one of the early questions posed in a webinar for Letters to the Next President 2.0, an initiative from the National
The best thing about a Razor & Guido production was that they could take almost any artist and morph them into a dance floor
Another day, another merger. Telephone companies, drug companies, drugstores, airlines, hospitals, retail stores and beer. Why?
The "Fiesta" remix is Smith's first release in a decade.
"You try working with someone that you love and then going into the same studio."
Mackintosh Braun, a Portland-based "electro-pop" group composed of Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun, are causing quite the stir. And not just in Portland. The band is growing their fan base in a big way. (This girl included!)
Ben Carson made an unusual musical choice as he officially announced his presidential bid Monday at the Detroit Music Hall
Delia Gonzalez's debut titled In Remembrance is released on April 28, 2015 through DFA Records. This is not an average record release. This record has taken several years and is part of a larger multimedia project.
Still riding the high from my 26th birthday this past week, I wanted to share the second release from my GEMS remix series. I love Terius Nash, so I went through the all of my CDs and decided to remix one of my favorites "Luv Songs" and flipped it into club-friendly jam that's safe for sultry body rolls.
Larimar is a stone, specially for women that channels the goddess energy. It supports a state of confidence and self awareness, and also provides the power of clear communication and emotional strength that allows one to speak from the heart.