"So there I go, oh; can't make a wife out of a ho, oh."
The internet is grooving to the vice presidential debate's memorable moment for Mike Pence.
Not only has the song been flipped without losing that magic touch, it holds up as a truly enjoyable and different listening
Just as the 1960 election is remembered for being changed by television, the 2016 elections may be remembered as being changed by remix. Candidates have only recently transitioned to general election mode, but video remixes are already playing an out-sized role in swaying public opinion.
After a long ramp up and many years of honing their sound and growing their fan base, the New York City-based twosome released
In a word, everything. Remix is a language which, depending on your medium of choice, can be rooted in pictures (moving or
What has the reaction to both your musical legacy together and Guido as a person been since he has passed been like for you
Another day, another merger. Telephone companies, drug companies, drugstores, airlines, hospitals, retail stores and beer. Why?