remote control

Even your mom can get behind this advancement.
Man's best friend is not his dog. It's the remote control. When my hubby and I are in bed watching TV he has to hold the remote. If I have it, he flaps the back of his hand on the mattress between us.
You know how the saying goes: If you love something, set it free, and if it comes back to you -- it's yours. If it doesn't come back, then you need to practice your flying skills -- at least if you're dealing with a remote control (R/C) toy.
It's OK little guy, "slow and steady" can't win every race, but we admire that perseverance! In this video uploaded to YouTube
Unlike famous and successful independent inventors such as Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, most the folks who invented the gadgets and technologies that enable our 21st-century lives perform in relative obscurity.
Father's Day is on Sunday and we know you've probably already bought the annual T-shirt, cap or tie saying "World's Greatest Dad," but are you reaching the inner tech dad?
While almost everyone would love to hug and play with lions, issues arise for most of us like the possibility of winding
I'm not stupid. I graduated college, went to law school and passed the bar (the first time). I'm not 'out of it' as far as technology goes. I read on my iPad, I post to Facebook and I tweet. So why is it that I cannot operate our TV? 
While much has been said about a "second screen" powering television viewership, Ensequence is harnessing the power of the
The German robotics company Festo recently unveiled the ExoHand, a sophisticated robotic hand that is capable of the fine motor skills that allows the human hand to have a delicate touch or perform complex manipulations.
Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. It's the identical argument, even to the word, that the networks have been making for years. Watch what we want you to watch or we'll be destroyed.
Still, your mini-click wheel auto control could be released; it's more likely than, say, a MacBook Pro with no keyboard, anyway
When I tell people I'm about to spend a year hiking trails from New York to San Francisco with my two dogs they shake my hand, wish me luck and congratulate me for living out my dream. But brows furrow and jaws clench when they realize I'm bringing a smart phone.
There are plenty of ways to bring Internet content to a TV set, but with the exception of PCs and Macs they all have their limitations.
I got my first professional writing job on none other than MTV's Remote Control. It was a blast to work on that show and to get to hang out with Ober every day.
So perhaps it wasn't as revolutionary as the birth control pill or the automobile or hot lead type, but the first wireless remote control, when it debuted in 1956, created a culture of instant gratification.
The remote control: once, the greatest invention known to couch potatoes, it has now become among their greatest banes. Enter the universal remote.