Renewable Energy and Energy Saving

Twitter wits are grateful the president pointed out the problem so renewable energy experts can deal with it.
But there’s a sunnier outlook in 2019, in part thanks to the Green New Deal.
“It will take a concerted, conscious effort to create the change we are looking for.”
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As renewable energy targets are met, states must decide whether to expand them.
This scenario teases apart not just the future of technological innovation, but attitude innovation.
It will also create jobs, lessen security threats and protect our natural world. We have the technology; now we need the political will.
A brief collection of all the times the commander in chief’s wispy golden mane fought the wind… and the wind won.
"As long as it’s made in America, I’m good with it," Secretary Ryan Zinke said Friday.
Despite its green-sounding name, the Mass Coalition for Sustainable Energy represents companies who want to build more natural gas pipelines.