Renewable Energy and Energy Saving

Solar companies and farmers can work together to harvest sunlight for both energy and food.
Solar and wind are energy powerhouses until the sky is dark or the air is still. An ancient source of energy — the tides — could soon offer a predictable alternative.
Solar and wind are more reliable in catastrophes –– and we need them to slow the worsening climate crisis.
How renewable energy projects in the Mojave Desert threaten local species — and how to fix that.
Schools across the country are saving money and shining a light on solar electricity.
The Bay of Bengal community was able to avoid blackouts after Cyclone Amphan by relying on solar energy microgrids.
Twitter wits are grateful the president pointed out the problem so renewable energy experts can deal with it.
But there’s a sunnier outlook in 2019, in part thanks to the Green New Deal.
“It will take a concerted, conscious effort to create the change we are looking for.”
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As renewable energy targets are met, states must decide whether to expand them.