renewable fuel standard

It's silly to argue that the GOP is the best positioned to stand up to the oil industry. But it's an important reminder to Democrats (and environmentalists) from the coasts that issues like the Renewable Fuel Standard are watched closely in the middle of the country.
As a former soldier, as well as a father and husband of other soldiers, there is much I appreciate about the military. But, perhaps one of the things I appreciate about it most, recently, is its commitment to leading the way on energy efficiency, and combatting climate change.
Most attention has been paid to the U.S. trade deals with Mexico and China, because they number in the hundreds of billions of dollars, but one economic issue, which numbers in the hundreds of millions, is vitally important to the renewable energy industry.
Cruz's opposition to ethanol mandates puts him in a place you would never expect to find him.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Tuesday at the 10th annual Iowa Renewable Fuels conference that he supports the notion to maintain the standard, a declaration that must have boded well with many citizens of a state with 41 corn ethanol plants in attendance.