rent crisis

Median rent in the 50 largest U.S. metro areas has risen by more than 19% over the past year, according to one analysis. Inflation also rose by 7.5% from a year earlier.
Millions of tenants may be evicted in the midst of a public health crisis if the government can't agree on the next pandemic relief bill.
Rents in other major cities actually went down this month, but not in Washington.
She got out of debt, but she goes without a toilet.
It’s no surprise that micro apartments are in demand -- that’s all the space many people can afford.
Rents have gone up faster than incomes for decades. Way, way faster.
The lingering effects of the economic crisis are creating obstacles for most families who want to buy homes.
Eric Fischer looked at thousands of old apartment listings to try to understand how the Bay Area's rents got so high.
A new report identifies 15 neighborhoods where gentrification has brought big changes.
In the Bay Area, there are plenty of mansions for tech millionaires, but nowhere for teachers to live.