"Landlords are strictly liable for anything that happens on their property," adds Gooden. "This means that a person who leases
Yeah... I'm that much of a nerd. But I do love it. Erin Huss managed to bring a career to life that is one giant WTF and
"The worst part of our vacation was the first day we arrived," my friend Chelsea told me after I asked her about her recent
She doesn't hesitate to say that she would rather take a bad day in the United States over anywhere else in the world, and
Let the polka dot queen transform your Airbnb listing into a living art installation.
Good question. If you ask anyone how they housed their pet in today's rental market, you will likely get a grueling story
2. Be honest and show progress. Sometimes, bad credit isn't a reflection of bad money management. You may have lost your
Tip #5 Act Fast Gone are the days you had 3 days to think about signing a lease. You want to show up prepared and expecting
As more people opt to have children later or not at all it's more and more common for people to have fur babies. Hence the demand for pet friendly homes is at an all time high. Every house we advertise for rent is met with applications from people with pets.
Have you thought about renting one of your rooms on Airbnb--you know, the extra bedroom with the exterior door where you've been storing junk for the past decade--but cleaning up and letting people into your house feels like too much to handle? Cheer up!