"Governments are implementing laws but not fast enough," says Travis Gooden from StopBNB. "And those with laws still need
Uh. Read about real estate. Yeah... I'm that much of a nerd. But I do love it. I'm going to do a little something off my
"The worst part of our vacation was the first day we arrived," my friend Chelsea told me after I asked her about her recent
Create a plan and take the right actions She repaid them all while renting and financially supporting a family member. Here
Let the polka dot queen transform your Airbnb listing into a living art installation.
Don't get me wrong ( I'm the most optimistic person on earth!) but when it comes to our housing market pets are not favored
5. Show solid income and offer to pay via direct deposit. Even if your credit history is a little shaky, being able to show
Tip #1- Know Your Credit Score Don't show up with a knife to a gun fight. This rental market is competitive enough so a credit
As more people opt to have children later or not at all it's more and more common for people to have fur babies. Hence the demand for pet friendly homes is at an all time high. Every house we advertise for rent is met with applications from people with pets.
Have you thought about renting one of your rooms on Airbnb--you know, the extra bedroom with the exterior door where you've been storing junk for the past decade--but cleaning up and letting people into your house feels like too much to handle? Cheer up!
Costumes, candy and company -- the perfect way to spend a splendid Halloween. Take the scare out of shopping for this most frightening of nights by checking out my latest list of stores, where you'll be treated to all you need for your creepy costume.
“Filled with natural light” . . . But surprisingly lacking any light fixtures. “Contact for photos” It’s a trap. That’s all
We decided to take a look at our data to see how affordable rentals are in major cities across the U.S, based on current minimum wage laws. Spoiler: it's grim, and even one-bedrooms are out of reach in many metro areas for even a couple earning two incomes.
Lofty Ambitions Sometimes the best customization restores the former beauty of a space. This loft is in one of San Francisco's
“Either there’s higher demand for one-bedrooms, or they’re just coming into the market at higher rates,” O’Brien said. “It’s
Of course, there is a way to know. Of course, I'm stupid and don't pay attention. That's because there's an indicator on the car's dashboard that tells you where the fuel door is.
The bottom line is, no matter which service you use to find and book a vacation rental, remember that it isn't the same as booking a hotel room. Rental agreements are between you and the owner, not necessarily a brick-and-mortar business with accounting and customer service departments.
By Lindsey DeSimone for Architectural Digest. With a spacious terrace surrounded by lush vegetation and a roof deck overlooking
Your holiday gift list might not include landlords, mailmen and property maintenance staff--but adding these key players to your gift list this season could be a smart idea.