Jeffrey Hurant will now focus on changing the laws related to sex workers.
The case against Jeffrey Hurant outraged LGBT rights activists.
Federal authorities have dismissed charges against six former employees of the website, while continuing to move
The former chief executive of the male escort website was indicted on Wednesday on a charge of promoting prostitution
It seems like sexuality is the one field with more of an ideological divide than politics. This year there is greater tolerance than ever to the many sexuality identifications and definitions. At the same time, there are many movements that promote failing programs and invisible walls of discrimination.
And you can get some really cool neon art at the same time.
On August 25, the feds shut down, declaring it an "internet brothel." The website, which was founded in 1996
You don't have to approve of the buying and selling of sex to see the wisdom in Amnesty's proposal. I'm certain that humanists, along with everyone else who considers themselves a civilized human being, would join unanimously to oppose human trafficking. However, the conflation of these evils with consensual commercial sex is wrong.
But then, sex workers are "terrorized every day" by law enforcement.
Where is the legal boundary between prostitution and porn? Why is pornography (in which individuals are paid to perform sexual acts) allowed, but prostitution (in which individuals are paid to perform sexual acts) is not?