rentboy raid

Jeffrey Hurant will now focus on changing the laws related to sex workers.
The case against Jeffrey Hurant outraged LGBT rights activists.
Federal authorities have dismissed charges against six former employees of the website, while continuing to move
The former chief executive of the male escort website was indicted on Wednesday on a charge of promoting prostitution
And you can get some really cool neon art at the same time.
On August 25, the feds shut down, declaring it an "internet brothel." The website, which was founded in 1996
But then, sex workers are "terrorized every day" by law enforcement.
On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland security raided the Manhattan offices of, arresting the company's CEO
There has been much speculation over why the raid at RentBoy occurred, considering they have operated openly for the past 20 years. My belief, sadly, is that they were targeted and brought down because of PRIDE. And in the spirt of that pride, today I am releasing part of a film that we had been working on months before the raid of RentBoy.
This issue is, at its core, about our bodies and the agency we should have over them and our actions.