Because as a renter, conflicts are inevitable.
The bill, expected to be signed into law this week, would limit rent increases and require reasons for some evictions.
After years of inaction, states and cities are taking aggressive steps to protect renters and bring costs down.
The representative-elect criticized Fox panelists for mocking working-class people ― and for mispronouncing her name.
Landlords are the wealthiest demographic in the U.S., while tenants often experience hardship. These sites aim to restore some balance to the relationship.
There's often room to negotiate a rental increase.
Do you really need to save 10 percent of your income?
Here are seven questions you should ask yourself to find out.
Many situations have some wiggle room.
The interior secretary claimed the house was "too dangerous" to live in.
Because the cities where you can make the largest salaries also tend to be the places where you'll spend the most money just to get by.
Rents in other major cities actually went down this month, but not in Washington.
Moving into a new apartment can be exciting. The opportunity for a fresh start or next step, and exploring a new area or
New York City "wins" -- and its renters stand to lose a lot of money.