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The work of achieving the America we dream of should not be the work of one group or another but all of us who call this country home. And we the people -- Black, Brown, White -- must not rest until all can claim that dream. And bring it to powerful, just fruition.
"George came down, and we're all saying, ‘You can't agree, you can't move on this thing!’" Barone recalled. "And George just
Retiring Congressman George Miller sat down with The Huffington Post's Sam Stein and Sabrina Siddiqui, as he recalls his favorite moments from his 40 years in Congress.
HuffPost's Sam Stein and Sabrina Siddiqui talks with retiring Congressman George Miller about his role in the House, and why he wanted his best friend to be House Speaker.
Retiring Congressman George Miller sits down with the Huffington Post, and remembers some of his most firey moments on the House floor.
The controversy surrounding the use of physical restraints and seclusion rooms in schools has exploded and resonated across the country from Hawaii to Massachusetts.
Over ten thousand teens enter "Residential Programs" every year. This federally unregulated industry is aimed at treating
The most forceful argument on this issue remains that of Rep. George Miller, sponsor of the Keeping All Students Safe Act
House Republicans were too busy "on a jihad" against Obamacare to care about keeping the government open, one House Democrat
Walmart spokesman Kevin Gardner said in response that the company has taken "a number of actions that meet or exceed other