Renewal Workshop partners with the world’s best-loved apparel brands and turns there broken clothes into renewed apparel.
In summary, the passion and persistence of grit motivates and carries us over rough seas like a well-made surfboard. We can think of an absence of effort like a crack in our surfboard that needs repair.
When a DirecTV dish damages Dianna Bush Nix’s roof, the company agrees to pay her for the repairs. But more than a year later
To acknowledge imperfections, some of us have to confront our idealized image, a narcissistic view of the self that dictates we must be perfect. In this case, a mistake and the need to apologize, can be experienced as like a blemish that needs to be hidden.
How to know if you should repair or replace your smartphone or tablet.
In this week's installment of "Chicken Soup For The Soul Moments," old and sometimes hidden treasures can come back to life. The Pop-Up Repair Shop was opened to reduce the use-and-discard cycle of consumer goods.
Why wait until something is broken to fix it? That's what a growing number of companies are asking themselves these days.
My plan this year for Black Friday was to sit out the retail game altogether. That was before I saw the ad in The New York Times. "Don't Buy This Jacket," exhorted the full-page message sponsored by the Patagonia Common Threads Initiative.
Read on and on for pages about enhanced border security, punishing criminal aliens, pushing them to the back of the line
In these days of increasing disposable commodities, few people would bother with the effort of trying to repair a broken
Mending is always accompanied by an element of risk. Something may function again, but differently, so that every successful re-use is accompanied by a sense of luck and relief.
Platform21 is "a platform for people curious about the future." They organize exhibitions and lectures from an old chapel
I got out, loaded up with shirts and dresses, and confronted what was possibly the deadest dead tire ever. My heart sank. But then the kindheartedness that defines the Midwest started peeking out from every corner and I was saved by my city.