repeal and replace

If the GOP is successful in its Affordable Care Act repeal, several of those dear to us will suffer greatly.
Apparently they hope wavering Republican senators can't do basic math.
Donald Trump is president now and it’s his job to run this government, whether he likes it or not.
It "exceeded my expectations,” he said of the Congressional Budget Office analysis.
A 64-year-old who makes $26,500 could face a 700 percent jump in premiums.
Mitch McConnell said "surely" a Republican Obamacare replacement will "do better" insuring Americans than the Affordable Care Act, although his lawmakers have yet to propose a plan.
Trump made the repeal and replacement of the Law of Gravity a major campaign theme. Indeed, the Republican House voted to
It's not a bill. It has no price tag. What is this thing?
The GOP plan would take us back to the days when insurers could sell junk policies, charge older folks more than they can today and calculate premiums based on a person's health status.